Fall 2017 Big Wheel Weekend


It’s time for another Big Wheel Weekend in Chicago! Join us at the Willye White Center in Chicago, IL, October 13-15, 2017.

BWW is a weekend of training, coaching, and judging workshops for Cyr and Gym wheel. Hosted in Chicago, IL at the Willye B. White recreation center, BWW brings wheelers from all over the nation (and world!) to roll around in a gorgeous, massive gym with the best of the best. Led by world-class coaches, this is the perfect weekend to jump in as a newbie or return as a seasoned vet and brush up on your skills or try something new in a safe environment. Join us for open training, private sessions, age-specific junior classes (10-12yrs, 13-16yrs), judging courses and more. This year, wheelers will even have the chance to compete in the Willye White Park Cup!

How to register: Fill out the attached registration form and email it to wolfgang@thecirquesexperience.com or snail-mail it to the Cirques Experience Business Office at 829 W. Gunnison 2E, Chicago, IL 60640, USA.

REGISTRATION FORM: http://bit.ly/2v7J3LY


WHEEL ORDER FORM: http://bit.ly/2h2pIpd

Saturday night, October 14, we will have a fun, social evening at Chase Park.

Click HERE to see a schedule for Wheel Weekend.