2018 US Team Qualifications

Regulation set up to qualify for TEAM USA 2018 World Championship in Magglingen Switzerland

FOR ALL: In case of injuries or other important circumstances the athletes are able to send in a request which will be checked by the same panel. It is not necessary to compete in all three events to qualify (but it helps). Events to collect qualification points: Three events are accountable to qualify. It is not necessary to do all three to make it onto the Team.

Event A   10%   US OPEN Chicago, March 11-12, 2017

Event B   25%   US Nationals, Cincinnati, June 28 –July 1, 2017

Event C   65%   US Trials and US OPEN, Location TBD, March 10-11, 2018. You can register for competition now right HERE.

The top 10 athletes receives points reverse their ranking. For Event A Rank 1  receives 10 points , Rank 2 receives 9 points and so on For Event B  Rank 1 receives 25 points, Rank 2 receives 22.5, Rank 3 receives 20 points and so on For Event C Rank 1 receives 65 points, Rank 2 receives 59.5 points, Rank 3 receives 53 points and so on CYR WHEEL: the first four highest ranked athletes qualify automatically. Spot number 5 will be decided by the jury panel the head coach and the CYR coach. GYM WHEEL: the first three ranked qualify automatically. Place 4 and 5 will be decided by the chances the athletes have to reach a final at Worlds. Decision by jury panel, head coach, and gym wheel federation are final.