2019 March Wheel Weekend in Chicago

2019 March Wheel Weekend in Chicago

March 8-10, 2019


Chicago Wheel Weekend is for everyone! With retreats, workshops, fun activities, and clinics, Wheel Weekends are designed to help discover your love of Cyr or Gym Wheel under the direction of the Worlds’ best coaches in both disciplines!

This is our sport, our performance art, our physical activity by heart and we want to pass this on.

These JAM sessions are organized by Chicago WHEEL JAM and perfect for the skill-oriented participant who is eager to achieve a deeper understanding and knowledge of the wheel.

Let’s roll together with fun and respect!

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Learn more about competing in the National Trials for Gym and Cyr Wheel!

March 10, 2019
Willye White Park, 1610 W  Howard Street, Chicago Il 60626

Gym Wheel

Women and Men (born in or before 2000 ): all-around (vault, spiral, straight line with music) & single discipline

Junior Girls (born in or after 2004) and Junior Boys ( born in or after 2005): all-around (vault, spiral, straight line) & single disciplines.

Novice Girls and Boys ( Nationals only., born in or before 2005

Regulation: All competitors will be judged based upon the latest competitive regulations of the IR V: www.rhoenrad.com. Competitive area dimensions under USA WGF regulations

Cyr Wheel :

Women  + Men (born before 2005)

Regulations: All competitors will be judged based upon the latest competitive regulations of the IRV www.rhoenrad.com  Competitive area dimensions under USA WGF regulations

Registration here.

Gym Wheelers: If you join with more than one competitor form your club or organization, the lead of your club is required to send in a complete list with name, category, and wheel sizes  not later than March 1st

Trials: check Trial regulations- this is part 1 and counts 10% towards qualification to become a member of TEAM USA # 2020NewYork. Junior

Warm up and Competition:

Jackson Masada our Competition Officer is going to create the music schedules for warm up and competition. If you have any request for warm up connect with Jackson:  Jackson.Masada@gmail.com

Music Routine Warm Up : Everyone needs  to  schedule the warm up  time with Jackson.  The later times are reserved for the coaches who need to spot the kids at the Spring Cup event next door at Gale School. We are able to start warm up at 8 am!! It ends at 1045am

Music: Please send your music not later in than March 6th via Dropbox.com to Scott Thompson:   Scott.Thompson@pobox.com

Late fee  $20

Competition fee: $200  Nationals and Trial  for Women, Men and Junior categories

Athletes  signed up for  Main Workshop or Coaching Level 1 or 2 during Wheel Weekend pay half the fee

$100 for National and Trials

US Novice Nationals: $50 for each competitor

Mandatory JUDGES: When registering an athlete needs to sign up a ½ judging position!  Missing on signing up without a judge a fee of $150 will be due with registration.

Pocket Cards: All participants at Novice, Junior, or Senior Nationals and Trials are required to fill in a pocket card every routine. All pocket cards will be collected by the Competition Officer at the latest on March 10th at 9 am. Competing without a pocket card causes an automatic deduction of 1 point.

Please verify your information at Willy White Park when you arrive; eg: name, disciplines, category, etc. . .

2018 Pocket Card Cyr Wheel

2018 Pocket Card Gym Wheel

All registrations are online. Delayed payments fee  are due at arrival at Willye White Park

Sign up till January 31th  ( fee as listed)

Sign up till February  15th ( the fee will be increased by $20)

Sign up after February 27th ( the fee will be increased by $40)

Membership for USA WGF is required for every athlete, coach, and judge. www.usawheelgymnastics.com

During this event, every participant can only be an athlete or a judge.

Questions: Please email wolfgang@thecirquesexpereince.com or call 312 375 5264



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