2016 Turnfest

Dear Wheel friends, Supporters and Fans,

The USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation in conjunction with CirquesExperience WHEEL JAM, Circus Mojo / Social Circus Foundation, GymRoots and American Sokol is hosting Turnfest American Style during the week of the World Championships.

The Turnfest Festival is open to everybody and features a mixture of beginner to advanced Wheel Gymnastics, Circus, Gymnastics, Dance and Cyr Wheel workshops, optional private lessons, an International Wheel Gymnastics Competition and public performances in Greater Cincinnati. The advanced-level Cyr and Gymnastic Wheel community is invited to attend a series of specialized workshops and seminars taught by World-class clinicians, who will include World Champions, Olympians, and Cirque professionals.

Furthermore, festival participants receive full access to all World Championship competitions. The workshops are scheduled such that participants can enjoy both watching the competitions and participating in workshops.

In the name of USA Wheel Gymnastics and our sponsors I would like to invite you all to this action-packed, fun-filled week of Wheel, Gymnastics and Circus.

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Download Final Turnfest Bulletin here.

Download January Turnfest Bulletin here.