Who We Are

Here at the USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation our mission is
to promote both the sport and spectacle of wheel gymnastics.
We are a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization, so your
donations are tax deductible.

Wheel gymnastics has a strong following in many countries
around the world and is growing in popularity here in the

We regularly host National Wheel Gymnastics
Championships, training camps, and sponsor athletes to
compete at the World Championships.

What We Do

The USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation has trained and
sponsored  numerous athletes that have represented the
USA in several World Championships, National and
International competitions in both gym wheel and cyr wheel.

We offer instructional classes for ages 6 and above, all the
way through senior!  Our certified staff provide superior
training in wheel gymnastics.

In addition to training, we offer educational coaching courses
several times a year.  If you have staff that would like to learn
how to coach wheel gymnastics, we can help!

Several times a year we organize and host competitions.  We
encourage all wheel gymnasts to participate, regardless of
ability.  These are very fun events, and participants have the
possibility of qualifying for the world championships in wheel
gymnastics that are held every other year.
Copyright 2014 USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation.  All Rights Reserved.
Team USA
World championships 2013
Team USA
World Championships 2011
USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation
Contact Information

Jean K. Hruby

Wolfgang Bientzle
Director of Operations

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