2020 World Championships in New York

Interested in competing in the 2020 Wheel World Championships in New York, NY? Read on!

Regulations to qualify for TEAM USA 2020 World Championship in New York NY, July 13-19, 2020


In case of injuries or other important circumstances, the athletes are able to send in a request which will be checked by the panel. It is not necessary to compete in the three events to qualify (but it helps)

Events to collect qualification points:

Three events are accountable to qualify. It is not necessary to do all  three to make it onto the Team.

Event A   10%                        US National Chicago, March 10,2019

Event B   20%                        Chicago Cup, October 13 , 2019

Event C    70%.                        US Trials and Nationals , March  15, 2020


The top 10 athletes will receive points reverse to their ranking.

For Event A: US National Chicago, March 10,2019

Rank 1 receives 10 points , Rank 2 receives 9 points and so on


For Event B: Chicago Cup, October 13 , 2019

Rank 1 receives 20 points, Rank 2 receives 18, Rank 3 receives 16 points and so on


For Event C: US Trials and Nationals , March  15, 2020

Rank 1 receives 70 points, Rank 2 receives 63 points, Rank 3 receives 56 points and so on 


CYR WHEEL: the first four highest ranked athletes automatic qualify. Spot number 5 will be decided by the jury panel the head coach and the CYR coach.


GYM WHEEL: ( juniors and seniors)  the first three ranked  all around athletes automatic qualify. Place 4 and 5 will be decided by the chances the athletes have to reach a final at Worlds. Decision by jury panel, head coach and gym wheel

Chicago, December 1st  2018

Additional Competitions:

If your organization is available to host a competition on one of both of the following dates, please contact wolfgang@thecirquesexperience.com.


Sunday May 19th 2019

Sunday December 8th 2019



More details coming soon…